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What would a badger buy?

As today is National Badger Day it made us wonder, given a choice of 20,000 industrial products, what would a Badger buy?

Caution, Badgers Crossing Warning Sign

Here are our top ten badger buys.

Given that our furry stripy friends are nocturnal creatures, being safe at night when it’s dark is paramount. Traffic on the road is the badger’s biggest enemy so some cautionary road warning signs to warn motorists of resident badgers bodging across the road should be top of a badger’s to-buy list.

Warmth is key. Badgers live in setts, some of which can be over a hundred years old, a bit like a listed building for badgers. At that age we imagine that insulation isn’t that great! So to keep our badger families warm and toasty foil blankets are the order of the day coming in at number two on a badger’s to-buy list.

Badger’s setts commonly have more than one entrance, so as to keep an eye on any badger burglars who may attempt to sneak in around the back through the leaves and bracken, some dummy CCTV cameras are perfect for deterring these pesky pests.

Bless their badger socks, but our black and white buddies don’t have the best eyesight. It’s no wonder they struggle to cross the road successfully. With over 50,000 badger fatalities on the roads each year, highwayman traffic cones could be the answer to marking out the safest route to take. With their acute hearing they can detect hazardous vehicles on the road and with some cones to mark the edge of the road they can create a safer ‘Badger Crossing’.

Being one of the fastest digging animals on earth, these guys can create some piles of earth and nobody likes an untidy badger. So, to collect badger digging debris a wheelbarrow, available in a galvanised steel for the stylish badgers among them, they are the one-wheeled go to item number four on the badger’s to-buy list.

There is almost always a scratching tree close to a badger’s home. If they’re looking for a real challenge and something to really keep their claws sharp and sleek, a heavy duty impact protection bollard comes in at number five on the badger to-buy list. Their eye-catching wasp-like yellow and black stripes are the perfect hi-vis scratching post for our poor-sighted pals.

Like humans, badgers need to keep fit, so to create their own badger mini-gym, barrier rail kits for pallet racking aisle ends are perfect for practicing scurrying under and over. To aid agility cones with reflective sleeves which come in a variety of colours are perfect for creating a slalom to weave in and around.

Badgers co-habit in groups of around 14 adults, with such large residencies a photo in-out board is an essential for knowing who’s in and who’s out!

Badger In Out Board

Our pointy-nosed pals and their setts are protected by the Badgers Act 1992 which means they must not be harmed, taken or trapped. In this case no entry signs, especially the no entry floor sign are a great reminder for badger baiters to stay away!

Who knew quite how many industrial products were just the ticket for the badgers among us?

Photograph of Debs

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