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Why Choose ESE Benches?

ESE Direct have been finding solutions for changing facilities since 1990, during that time we have taken on board feedback and questions about different problems our customers have had over the years with their changing room furniture and developed our own unique range which we believe offers the best solution.

All of our benches are finished with Bio-Master anti-bacterial powder coating which helps reduce the spread of germs and bugs by 99.71%

Take a look at our ranges to find out which one suits your needs. All of our benches are powder coated finished as standard. We also offer a pre zinc coating which offers extra protection against rust for those that are likely to get damp or moist on regular basis i.e saunas, swimming pools and places that suffer with a high humidity.

If your changing room has regular contact with water or chemical containing water (such as chlorine) we recommend the stainless steel range.

Classic Bench Range

classic changing room bench

The friendliest for your pocket range, this includes:

Changing room benches with 30mm square legs which are specifically designed for rapid installation.

As some frames have become victim of water and dust in the past we have made sure that all our leg frame joints are sealed to prevent corrosion and maximise hygiene.

You can choose between 5 bench sizes (up to 3m) but if there isn’t a size which suits you then don’t worry we also offer bespoke sizes to suit whatever your needs are.

Evolve Bench Range

changing room bench

The Evolve range of benches feature 30mm squares legs plus steel seat support frames which provides commercial strength without breaking the bank.

Like the budget range all the leg frame joints are sealed to stop the ingress of water and dust which can cause the legs to deteriorate.

All the 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m long benches have the ability to be joined together to create longer runs. If this is something that you have in mind please let us know when you are ordering. Like the budget range if there isn’t a size that fits your requirements we also offer a bespoke service.

With our part assembled benches the wood is already fixed to the seat frames. And you will never have more than 4 to 6 bolts to tighten which makes it ideal for easy installation.

We also provide a free spanner/screwdriver (whichever is appropriate) so when the benches are delivered you do not have to waste valuable time searching for the correct tools We also provide 4mm hat and coat hooks in satin anodised aluminium, which is ideal for regular or intensive use.

The single and double sided benches have a double bolted hook rail and seat frame, this provides extra stability. If you need further stability we can manufacture additional back bracing for back rests and shoe racks

Club Bench Range

premium changing room bench

The club range varies slightly as the benches have a 45mm (as opposed to the 30mm) diameter round legs and steel seat support frames which provide commercial strength (like the Evolve range).

Like previous ranges there is steel support frame under 75mm x 25mm hardwood seat slats.

There are up to 5 bench lengths; 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, and 3m which can be joined together to create longer runs if need be, just let us know if this is the case when ordering.

Like the Evolve range we provide 4mm hat and coat hooks in satin anodise aluminium.

Once again we provide a free spanner or screwdriver for easy assembly once the benches have arrived.

The range also features the double bolted hook rail on the single and double sided benches for further stability.

Stainless Steel Aqua Bench Range

stainless steel bench

The stainless steel range is ideal for changing areas that are close to saunas, swimming pools and areas that are subject to high humidity.

The benches feature 40mm square 304 grade stainless frame legs and stainless steel support for added strength.

Like our other ranges the stainless steel benches are available in five lengths; 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m and you can join these together to create longer runs, if that still doesn’t suit your needs we also offer bespoke sizing.

If you do have any further questions which haven't been covered then please feel free to contact our friendly and award winning customer service team on 0808 163 3704.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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