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Workgate Barriers

workgate barriers

Workgate barriers are another one of those everyday things you don’t usually give much thought to but play a part in your day to day safety. However, if you want to avoid the perils of members of the public walking into areas where it is unsafe to do so, they are a vital piece of kit to have around.

Working at ESE direct, we get to learn a lot about our products; there was a time when I assumed that ‘barrier’ just meant ‘even more Barry’, as in; ‘I knew a guy called Barry, he also had a mate called Barry who was 6 foot 4, so he was even barrier’.This turned out not to be true.

These barriers are used for warning pedestrians of a small worksite for things such as cable laying, manhole repairs, and any other temporary excavations. Whilst unlikely to be able to hold back large animals, such as a rampaging bear or a hippo with a grudge, it should serve as a warning to all but the most determinedly accident-prone people to stay behind the barrier and out of harm’s way.

Our workgate barriers are made from high density polyethylene and are compliant with chapter 8 streetworks (you can find out more about chapter 8 street works here).

They feature an interlocking clamp which helps aid stability, meaning they are able to withstand a stiff breeze and the minor inquisitive attentions of passing Labradors without immediately falling over. In addition to this, they feature hinge clips which mean you can assemble the barriers in a jiffy – perfect if you are under pressure to erect them inside a given period, either as a sponsored charity challenge or an unwise bet with a colleague.

The barriers are also available in 2 colours; red or yellow. Red is the traditional colour for danger, so does a great job of standing out and getting people’s attention. Likewise, yellow is a popular choice due to its ability to stand out from the road – unless of course you live in the Land of Oz. In the event that you do live in Oz, we recommend you check out our water filled road barriers, to prevent them being carrier off by flying monkeys.

They are easy to store and transport and the barriers are also 100% recyclable.

If you have any questions about our workgate barriers, please do not hesitate to call our award winning and friendly sales team on 0808 163 3704.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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