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Stockroom Shelving

Shelving for Stockrooms

All stockrooms need shelving in order to take advantage of the storage space in them, and these units offer cost effective ways to store all manner of stock.

These metal shelving units are ideal for use in the stockroom for the storage of boxes, small items or small parts. By storing items in trays or baskets they are less likely to fall off the shelf and the contents of the shelves can be easily seen. Toprax shelving is available as a complete kit with the freestanding shelving bays and the strong, clear plastic storage boxes. If you need anymore Topbox storage boxes they are available in packs of 10 with or without lids, and two different capacities.

The modular design of these products makes the shelves ideal for all types of stock. As shelf height can be easily adjusted, room can be created for a variety of shapes and sizes.

An important consideration is the material the shelves are made from. Chipboard shelves are ideal for warehouses, as they are tough and economical. If you require something more heavy duty, steel shelves will make a really good storage system that will last for years.

Many people will be familiar with the standard blue orange configuration of a standard warehouse shelving system. This is where the steel uprights are blue and the cross beams, which support the shelves are orange. Storage like this can often be a great way to achieve economy shelving, whilst still having a medium duty weight capacity.

Another option is to look into galvanised shelves, this type of industrial shelving very often has a zinc finish and are great for stock storage.

Also within our wide range of storage solutions are systems that pair shelves with boxes. This allows you to store smaller items within boxes on the shelves, keeping items together and tidy.