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Tote Pans & Racks

Oil Resistant Tote Pans

Our steel galvanised tote pans are resistant to heat and oil. All our tote pans are incredibly strong for their size with the ability to hold up to 30kg in such a small space. Choose from different sizes and configurations such as our open front bins which allow the contents of each bin to be clearly visible, eliminating the need for labeling.

We also supply a range of storage racks for these bins and pans - choose from a number of sizes as well as either sloping racks which provide a view into each bin without the need to remove it from the rack or our standard storage racks.

A galvanised steel tote pan is a very useful thing to have in any workshop. They have reinforced rims to prevent buckling and feature easy grip handles. These handles make the pans easy to transport around a garage, even when filled with liquid.

The galvanised nature of these pans mean that they are much safer than plastic pans when filled with hot liquids. Due to the material used in construction, they will not burn or emit toxic fumes, even under high temperatures.

In order to accommodate your steel bins, there are a number of racks available. These will hold a number of pans in a single location, ready for use.

Tote pans are very popular in engineering, they could be used for storage of small parts or to act as a container for draining liquids such as oil. They are also used for parts cleaning, as the rigid nature of them mean that they are robust enough to stay upright when heavy components are placed inside. Also, the galvanised finish means that the pan will be protected from heat damage or corrosion.

When placed on a storage rack, these tote pans will create a bank of containers that can house materials for a whole workshop in a central area. The added bonus is that the individual trays can be removed and located around a work area and returned neatly at the end of a shift.

Although available in a range of sizes, standard tote pans are 150mm high, meaning that differing depths of containers can be stored on a shelf together, with a common shelf height.