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First Aid Training Equipment

Professional first aid training defibrillators and manikins

Businesses are, by law, required to provide fully trained first-aiders within the workplace. This also applies to community groups such as Brownies, Scouts or after school clubs.

The demand for qualified first aid trainers who are able to supply quality courses using professional equipment like resusci Anne is increasing. So if you are a first aid trainer, or company you'll know the importance of selecting the best up-to-the-minute training equipment.

Improve CPR quality training with Little Anne

A major part of any first aid course is of course CPR (short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation). The need to perform CPR occurs when a person stops breathing or their heart is no longer able to beat properly. Attaining the ability to correctly perform this technique could quite literally save someone's life. That's where little Anne CPR training manikin comes into her own.

CPR dolls give a life-like representation of how it would feel to perform life-saving CPR on a human being. They incorporate a proper head tilt chin on which you can practice how to keep an airway open. The clever design will ensure the airway naturally remains obstructed unless a correct head tilt is performed.

Anne QCPR manikin can be used by literally anyone. No previous medical training is required. Another great feature is that they can be quickly and easily wiped clean with a hygienic antibacterial wipe. Which is great for first aid classes with large numbers of attendees.

Little Anne's ergonomic design is enhanced to conducting adult CPR training. The ease of use of a CPR doll creates training efficiency and learner engagement. Effective first aid training needs to be engaging, with an element of fun. This helps trainees retain vital information, which can be quite a lot to take in in a short period of time.

Although the dolls provide a fabulous resource, it is of course imperative that first aid practice is overseen by a professional. Some first aid trainers have worked as first responders or even as highly trained paramedics. These amazing folk are able to give QCPR measurement and feedback to ensure quality and consistency.

Enrich CPR quality training efficiency by selecting the CPR manikin to best suit your audience

There is obviously a difference in size between adults, children and infants. That's where Little Junior and Baby Anne come into the picture.

Little Junior represents the anatomy of a 5 year old child. The specially created CPR manikin is used to teach people the different CPR techniques that are needed to be preformed on a small child.

Baby Anne is a full body CPR manikin, chest compressions given to a baby are very different to those that you would give to a small child or adult. Baby Anne is even available in a family pack of quadruplets, which thankfully includes a Laerdal carrying bag!

Anne's anatomically correct torso feels representative of a human torso. You can even use your first aid manikin to practice with your defibrillator pads. Training defibrillators are an essential when learning life-saving skills, they are designed to work perfectly in conjunction with Little Anne.

Defibrillation training devices

So, speaking of defibrillators, due to the electric shocks that defibrillators administer, one obviously cannot practice with a real live one! Training defibrillators (commonly referred to as defibs), are produced to allow trainees to fully complete the sequence of actions required to effectively administer electric shocks in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Some trainers talk the user through the necessary steps and provide feedback to ensure the trainee is on track. These clever devices are known as automated external defibrillators, or AED's for short. Minimal training is required to use one of these life saving devices. Where as semi-automated devices require a higher level of knowledge prior to use.

For a comprehensive overview of the latest up to date first aid techniques written by industry professionals including St. John Ambulance, The British Red Cross and St Andrew's Ambulance. So, why not pop a first aid manual in your workplace staff room or simply keep at home as a reference.

So when lives are at stake, always opt for the real McCoy in first aid training equipment.