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An alternative use for a no waiting cone

What's up doc?! Wait no longer, the new pet bed in a cone has arrived!

Rabbits from all around are queuing up to get their paws on this carrot-adorned conical home.

It really is the very epitome of luxury rabbit residency.

Waffles likes it in here...

Waffles the rabbit enjoying his no waiting cone pet bed

Waffles finds jumping in and out is fun!

Waffles the rabbit enjoys jumping in and out

Stitch the rabbit looks on inquisitively.

Stitch the rabbit surveys his new bed

Stitch is a happy bunny

Stitch the rabbit is a happy bunny

All you need to make your own bespoke pet bed in a cone is a 2 piece No Waiting Cone.

Simply cut a hole in the front of the cone and decorate to suit your pet! The world is your oyster… or rabbit.

Photograph of Debs

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