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Behind the latest Vine Video

So we decided a great way to celebrate the start of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this year would be to do a Vine video, we racked our brains on what to do and had a poke about the warehouse to see what we could use.

Coloured coat hooks, benches and castors galore….what could we turn that into? SNAIL RACING of course, so we story boarded everything out.


And then we got to the fun bit! Setting it all up!

Finish Line

Creating the finish line for the race!

The Crowd

Setting up the crowd for the scene which is about to be filmed.

Snails ready to go

The snails are ready to go! (they are made from powder coated coat hooks and castor wheels)

Finish line

The finish line scene is set up and ready for action.

Final scene

The final scene in progress.

And below you can see the Vine in all its glory! we hope you enjoy.

If you want to know what products we used in more detail we have them listed below!

White Nylon Castors

White Nylon Castors

Cushion Tyre Wheels w/ steel centres

Cushion tyre wheels

Grey non marking rubber tyre castors

Grey non-marking castor

Powder coated coat hook

Powder-coated coat hooks

Classic basic bench

Changing Room Bench

Wire/steel spigots


Photograph of Laura Holland

Author Bio -

Social Media and Web Content Coordinator, Jan 2014 - May 2015