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Give Me A Sign

Signs, they are everywhere, and we aren't talking about the ones that the universe has given you either.

You come across sign everywhere in your day to day life, from traffic signs to letting you know if a door is an entrance or an exit, but why are they so important?

Safety signs help to communicate and promote health and safety best practice in a work place as well as warning of any possible danger. So let’s take a look at what signs are available for your workplace.

Fire Exit Signs & Fire Extinguisher Signage

Fire exit for wheelchair users sign

It is a requirement that workplaces clearly label fire exit and fire routes, so that staff can be directed out of the building the safest route possible. The fire exit signs should be visible at all times in any room or walkway and must not be covered. It is worth noting that any point there is a change in direction towards the exit this also needs to be signposted.

Fire extinguishers are a necessity that also needs to be clearly marked, and also show which fires that the extinguishers can be used for, especially you have more than one type of fire extinguisher on your premises. This will tell people which fire it is best on and which fire NOT to use them on.

These signs also comply with UK and EC legislation. Our Fire Extinguisher signs are also ISO compliant.

First Aid Signs

First Aid Sign

First aid signs are an essential part of a workplace. If there is an injury they direct people to where the first aid kit is stored and also tell people who the workplaces dedicated first aiders are in the event of an emergency/injury.

There is also a ‘Workplace first aid guide’ poster available, which instructs people on the correct techniques on circulation, bleeding, breathing, fractures and the recovery position while you are waiting for medical help.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory Signs

These signs are, as the title says, mandatory in all workplaces and premises. They communicate information and actions that need to be adhered to by your staff/employees in order to stay safe.

These will always usually be white text or pictogram on a blue background.

Warning Signs

Warning Sign

Warning signs highlight potential dangers or hazards in the workplace and/or premises and they ensure compliance with safety procedures.

They will be a triangular shape, with a vivid yellow background and black pictogram, designed to stand out and catch people’s attention.

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs are designed to stop people taking actions which could endanger their or their work colleague’s well-being, risk of fire etc. Most common prohibition signs are ‘No Smoking’, various Fire Extinguisher signs and ‘No Entry’ signs.

Office Signage

Office signs

These are more for convenience than to meet safety requirements. Our range of office signs includes; sliding door signs for meetings and offices, and ‘in/out’, ‘vacant/engaged’ signs too.

Braille Signs

Reception taktyle braille sign

On the 1st October 2004 part iii of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) was implemented. As part of this companies and organisations have to make physical adaptations to comply. The provision of auxiliary aids such as braille & embossed signs are now required.

We have a great range of Taktyle signs, ranging from Pull/Push door signs, toilet signs, and entrance/exit signs plus more so you are bound to find one that meets your requirements. You can read more about what hse.gov.uk's requirements are on safety signs in an online pdf here.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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