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Lockout Tagout - The Lowdown

Every year there are numerous injuries caused by industrial accidents due to unexpected energisation, this can be reduced by introducing a competent Lockout Tagout procedure

lockout tagout

In this article we will take a look at what Lockout Tagout is, what it can protect against and when it should be used.

What is Lockout Tagout?

So the first question if you are not already familiar is; what is lockout tagout?


Refers to physically keeping equipment from being re-energised when there is maintenance work being is being carried out, guarding against movement, releasing stored energy or gases and fluids flowing.


Once the equipment being worked on has been safely isolated and protected, the next step ideally is to tag it, providing details on the process and what is being protected etc.

What energies does Lockout Tagout protect injury from?

So now you know what Lockout Tagout is, but what energies does the procedure protect you from?

  • Electrical Energy
  • Hydraulic Energy
  • Mechanical Energy
  • Pneumatic
  • Energy Potential

The WHEN and HOW of Lockout Tagout

Now you know a bit more about lockout tagout, I guess the next question is when should you use the procedure and how. The procedure should be used when repair or maintenance is to be carried out, and where such maintenance or repair could cause injury by the unexpected release of energy. The employer should ensure that there is adequate equipment to carry out the procedure and any necessary training. However, the responsibility falls on both employer and employee to ensure that it is carried out as health and safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Why use Tags as well as a Lockout device?

So you’ve isolated the equipment appropriately and reduced chances of energy being released and causing harm, but why should you tag it? Tagging equipment is an easy and transparent way of communicating the work that is being undertaken, including who is the work and for how long. When tagging you should make sure that the following applies: 

  • Identifies the person who installed it
  • Easy to read
  • Attached securely

What are the best Lockout Tagout products to invest in?

Depending on your needs, investing in a good quality kit and high visibility lockout stations are always a worthy and useful purchase. We have a vast range of Lockout Tagout products available to buy online, but our top 3 are below:

Lockout Station (Various sizes)

Electrical Lockout Kit

Lockout Kit

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