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My Work Experience at ESE Direct

So this is my last day at ESE. I feel in the space of the last 7 working days I have adapted to the working environment in a good way. I'm also very sad that I have to go back to school after the holidays! I'd much rather come back here.

I have really enjoyed working with the people around me, they're kind to me and treat me as a regular member of staff which is good because it has helped me adapt to working life. Also I have really enjoyed working on a computer because I feel very comfortable on one. It is so much better than just copying notes off of a whiteboard, without a doubt! Also I have enjoyed the freedom I have been given, by this I mean I don't have a teacher always watching me and pointing out my mistakes rather than letting me find them after. Here I would be assigned a task and allowed to get on with it with no distraction. Also I like how I can use the toilet whenever I need it because at school we are not allowed and that means I cannot focus very well which really hinders my ability to pay attention.

I’m surprised by how well I feel I have settled in here at ESE. I originally thought that I would just kind of sit at my computer and not really talk to anyone or ask for help because I was too nervous but that doesn't seem to have been the case. I feel that I can ask for help without feeling stupid or anything like that. Also I am surprised at how much I have learnt about spread sheets, I thought that I was quite good at using them effectively but I didn't know as much as I thought I did but with the help of James and Martin I now know a lot more.

Finally I would just like to thank ESE Direct for having me here and giving me a taster of what working life is like and hopefully I can come back one day.

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