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Reasons to become a fan of our Fan-tastic fans!

The summer months are just around the corner and with them comes the prospect of warmer weather (hopefully). Therefore, whether you work in an office, workshop or warehouse, it's important to ensure to keep the working environment as cool as possible.

A lot of businesses and companies use air-conditioning to keep their workplace cool in the summer months, but what are the alternatives? Well here are some reasons why using fans in your working area could be a great idea.

Fans could save you money:

At ESE Direct we sell a wide range of fans designed for office use and some which are more suitable for warehouses and workshops. Whatever use you have in mind for your fan, you will be able to find one on our website. Our fans range in price from £20-£100 for smaller or more regular sized fans, or £100-£200 for the bigger industrial fans. Only one or two exceed these price bands. When you compare this to the cost of purchasing, running and maintaining an air conditioning system, which is more expensive most of the time, buying a large 30" industrial fan or even bigger 36" industrial drum fan could be the cheaper option to consider.

Fans can be easily relocated:

If you have air conditioning systems in place, there could be areas of the workplace which may not fully receive the benefit of the cooler air. But as long as there is a plug-in point within reach, you are not restricted in where you can place and use your fan. A fan can be simply moved to a different location in the workplace at any time you require, so you will always be able to keep yourself cool.

Fan-tastic range of fans to choose from:

As we briefly mentioned earlier, our range of fans covers the requirements of both office and workshop areas. Industrial fans with a higher maximum airflow are available should you need to cool a larger working area, or smaller fans more suitable for offices are also ready for purchase. But you also have a choice of sizes and shapes of fan to choose from, with fans coming on pedestals, wheels or flat based as well as having different diameters, there's even a couple of tower fans for you to enjoy. With this variety there is no excuse for not finding a fan that will fit into your working area.

Many other useful features:

While not all fans have all these features, here are some of the other benefits for the user:

  • Different speed settings enable user to control how much cooling they require at any time
  • Fans with wheels can be re-positioned whenever needed
  • Some fans can pivot on an axis, increasing the area that can be cooled
  • Can be switched on and off at any time with a simple flick of a switch

Obviously, using air conditioning systems has many positive benefits for the users, but hopefully we have shown you that using fans to cool your working area has its advantages too.


Photograph of Tim Bailey

Author Bio -

Marketing Assistant, June 2013 – July 2018