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The Best Packaging Aids

You may have have read our article on strapping equipment now we give you the low down on our most popular packaging aids.

1. Tape Dispensers

Tape Dispensers

Tape dispensers are an essential and necessary part of any warehouse or storage area, especially if you are packing a lot of items at a time.

There are a few different types available to you as well.

There are clamp-on bench dispensers which provide stability in a busy environment; there are heavy duty tapes dispensers which are great if using large volumes of tape, to the pistol grip dispenser which are perfect for large boxes that need to be heavily wrapped.

2. Carton Opener

Carton Opener

The other side of packing is actually unpacking and this is where having a quality carton opener is key.

Having multi-purpose carton openers can save you time, space and money, featuring a staple remover function as well as retractable blade which adds that extra safety when using it.

3. Stretch Wrap Dispenser

Stretch wrap dispenser

A stretch wrap dispenser tool is a simple yet extremely handy and much needed piece of equipment in warehouses and factories.

Manually controlled, and maintaining the correct tension which is needed for shrink wrap to be effective it is perfect for wrapping pallets or large boxes ready for transportation.

4. Paper Roll Holder

Paper Roll Holder

Paper rolls are used all day and every day when packaging up goods so it’s important that you can access them quickly and efficiently.

Paper roll holders for counters and benches are ideal for reducing the amount of wasted paper to a minimum, saving you money as well as offering an easier way to access the paper, much more than ones that are usually kept under the bench.

5.Shrink Gun Kit

Shrink Gun

Your shrink wrap jobs have been made quicker and easier with the shrink wrap gun.

It has adjustable power and rotating nozzle to make things simple and features a protective guard so you can concentrate on the job at hand while you simple adjust the setting to whichever film you are using.

6. Gas Cylinder Trolley

Gas Cylinder Trolley

This gas cylinder trolley is ideal when you need to have the ability of manoeuvring the gas cylinders around different points of the warehouse or factory.

Some trolleys even come with a shrink wrap gun holster, keeping all your equipment safe and portable in one place.

7. Staple Gun

Staple Gun

When dealing with packaging a good staple gun is indispensable, and there are many different types available depending on your need.

Before filling your cartons it is sensible to check that the box is secure. There's nothing worse than packing your box, only to lift it and the bottom falls out, along with all it's contents. So, to avoid this annoyance, use a mechanical treadle stapler to secure the base flaps before you pack. There are staple hand tackers which are great all round general purpose uses, then there are carton top staplers which are perfect for sealing the tops of assembled cartons, and of course carton bottom staplers, which as their name suggests staples the bottom of cartons, which can be a bit trickier. 

And of course a whole array of staplers in between. For extra protection on corners, such as for furniture or picture frames, plastic corner protectors are an excellent addition to your packaging supplies.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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