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Using Plastic Post Chains at Exhibitions

The plastic post chain is a fairly simple device. It consists of a two bases between which a plastic chain is threaded, forming a flexible, horizontal barrier. The bases can be made of a solid, permanent material such as concrete or metal, or it’s possible to find bases that can be filled with water as required allowing them to be easily emptied and moved when they are no longer required. As you’d expect, this is a very versatile item that can be used in a number of different ways. In this article we look at the some of the uses for plastic post chains in an exhibition environment.

Car Parks

Whilst some exhibitions take place in large hotels or conference spaces that come complete with all kinds of facilities, it may be the case that an outside exhibition is being held in location with no car park. In such a situation plastic post chains can be used to mark out routes around an impromptu car park. The advantages of using plastics over metal are clear, as any small bump or contact that a car makes with the any barrier is unlikely to tarnish, dent or damage the vehicle, which may not be the case with metal barriers. Plastics are also available as standard in a number of bright colours, which drivers should be able to see even in bad weather conditions, such as heavy rain or fog, making them an ideal solution for marking out a temporary car park.

Exclusive Areas

Many exhibitions have a special VIP section where company reps and celebrities can get some time away from the crowds to talk shop and relax. As many exhibition halls and conference centres feature an open plan layout it is necessary to mark out the exclusive areas. It is possible to get special attachments that simply clip onto plastic chains that can be used to denote such areas, allowing the public to quickly recognise the no go areas. It’s even possible to layout different access areas within an exhibition by using various coloured chains and posts, giving organisers a further level of control within their events.

Out of Bounds Exhibits

It may be the case that an exhibition is showing off some top of the range goods – such as expensive jewellery, works of art or even prestige motor cars. Whilst the organisers will want the public to be able to view these exhibits, they may not want the public to come into direct contact with the display items. In these situations metal barriers might ruin the overall tactile feel of the exhibition, due to their imposing nature, and they definitely wouldn’t fit with the look of a high class show. In these cases plastic post chains are an ideal alternative and are perfect for keeping crowds within the confines of certain areas without making them feel constricted or hemmed in.

Travelling Exhibitions

Many exhibitions travel round from city to city across the country, bringing the same show to a different group of residents in each location. In such cases the equipment used to set up the exhibition must be light, re-usable, durable and ultimately visually appealing. Plastic post chains should form an essential part of any travelling exhibition’s equipment. They are lighter and easier to deploy than metal chains, and many of them have bases that can be filled up with water, which means that they can be weighted down at their destination and then emptied ready for transporting. Whilst some might argue that conventional corded fabric barriers have a more professional look, these can often pick up dirt and debris during transit and are difficult to clean, whereas dirt will simply wipe off plastic post chains.

Crowd Dynamics

Several studies into crowd dynamics show that people can filter through entrances and exits more efficiently if they’re prevented from attempting to use the opening head on. By strategically placing a plastic post chain cordon or barrier outside a door, the flow of people through it will actually be improved as they’re forced to navigate it from either side. This is a useful strategy that can be utilised in front of all kinds of openings and exhibits, from making sure that people do not swamp a food stall to ensuring that people move to different areas of the exhibition in a sane and controlled manner.


One thing that people always expect to do at any exhibition is queue – whether they’re trying to get a turn on the latest flight simulator or they’re just looking to get their book signed by their favourite celebrity there is an expectation that a fair amount of waiting in line will occur at the event. The question organisers need to ask themselves is if attendees can construct an adequate queue for the attractions, stalls and stands at the event, or do they need a helping hand? Plastic post stands and plastic chains are the ideal way to mark out any areas where people are expected to queue, allowing the event planners to mark out space so that those who are queuing are not in the way of those trying to navigate their way around the exhibition space.

Other Advantages

Despite the fact that plastic post chains are one of the most versatile and durable vehicle and crowd flow control devices available, compared to other types of barrier, such as steel posts and rope barriers or fabric cordons they are very cost efficient. Alongside this they don’t look out of place at both indoor and outdoor events making them an ideal purchase for events companies who are looking for reusable barriers.

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