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World Music Day 2015

As we are celebrating world music day this weekend (June 21st), we thought it would be fun to put together a playlist of some of our favourite songs here at ESE.

Most of us found it a bit of a struggle to pick just one song. There are just so many wonderful genres of music from which to make your selection!

You can listen to our playlist here on Spotify.

Favourite songs


Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. "Well mine changes daily but if I had to choose it would be pretty much any Fall Out Boy or Imagine Dragons song. But if I had to choose I’d got one song only I’d go for: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons".


Parkway Drive by Sleepwalker


Here We Stand or The King is Coming by Newsboys "Fantastic upbeat music combined with great Christian content."


Purple Toupee by They Might Be Giants "Nearly impossible to pick just one favourite, but this one is Today's fav. Very underrated band."


Elastic Heart by Sia "Picking a favourite song is very difficult as I have many favs."


Witchita Lineman by Glen Campbell


Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb


Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd


Holiday by Madonna (James responded to our question from Turkey, yes, he is currently on holiday, and yes we are slightly jealous!)


Livin’ on a Prayer by Jon Bon Jovi "Great after few beers"

Julie D

Kodaline - In a Perfect World "Not sure why, I just love it"


Gem, went a bit crazy, she just couldn’t choose only one!

"B52’s Rock Lobster – reminds me of my dad - he used to play it and dance around.
Rick Astley - Whenever You Need Somebody - because I love you Rick!
ABBA - All of them I can’t get enough of ABBA - My parents bought me a radio cassette one year for my birthday and the only cassette I could find the drawer of their bureau was ABBA Gold Blondie Heart of Glass - one of the first songs my dad put on jukebox
Yarborough and peoples - Don’t stop the music - because the music shouldn’t be stopped!
Queen - You’re My Best Friend - the contact track when James rings me"

Paul H

Bob Marley and The Wailers - No Woman No Cry


Invisible Sun by The Prodigy “As soon as the sun comes out, the dance tunes go on! On my commute I’m currently listening to Ibiza classics such as Three Drives by Greece 2000 and my up-to-date obsession is the Prodigy’s Invisible Sun.”


Like Gemma, I simply couldn't couldn’t narrow it down to one, I just love music…
"Bui Doi, from the musical Miss Saigon, She by Charles Aznavor performed by BLAKE, because I played cello for them and it is one of the songs used on one of my favourite chick-flicks, Notting Hill, and last but definitely not least, Requiem Mass by Mozart".


Hugo had a different approach and went for most popular… “Ok. Not my favourite song by a long shot but it does seem to be on most of my playlists at the moment: Nicotine – Panic! At The Disco.”


Stuart agrees with Michelle, he also chose Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd "Reason, one of the best lead guitar performances of all time (in my opinion)"


"I am going to go for Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum, not sure why I like it, sorry" No need to be sorry Kel, it’s a great track.


We’d like to hear what some of your favourites are?

Photograph of Debs

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