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Grit Bins

The wide range of quality grit bins available at ESE Direct are suitable for use on public highways as well as ideal for your private business premises. There's a plethora of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, many of which come with the facility to lock your bin, helping to keep your rock salt clean, dry and safe.

Quality Grit Bins

Our grit bins and salt bins are ideal for use in many outdoor public places such as parks, road sides and equally for private use on business premises. Many of our grit bins are lockable and depending on the type of bin you choose the lock comes fitted or the bin is supplied with a clasp mechanism for attaching a weathertough padlock where required. Our plastic grit and rock salt bins are much more attractive than traditional salt bunkers and are available in a variety of sizes and colours including red, yellow, green, black and blue. When full the a grit bin can be heavy, to enable these to be easy to move when full these bins have forklift channels for moving with a forklift. When not in use these bins can be stacked inside each other for compact storage.

Our heavy duty grit bins are amongst our top selling products. Manufactured in the UK, they are available in 200 or 400 litre capacity in a range of colours. Their corrosion resistant, robust polypropylene construction allows them to withstand the harsh winter conditions providing continued use for many years. With a hinged lid, the grit salt inside is protected and can be locked with a padlocking using the fitted lockable clasps.

Rock Salt

Be prepared, don’t get caught out when winter arrives; fill your grit bin with rock de icing salt ready to be used when gritting is required. We supply quality white salt in 25kg bags and pallet loads of rock salt to be used in our grit storage containers.